Many false positive "Caregiver is helping..." events.

edited November 10 in Breathing Motion Monitoring

I already opened a ticket, and more curious if anyone in the community has been experiencing this.

We started seeing a huge increase in false positives for "Caregiver is helping..." events when nobody visited the baby's crib, and the baby was mostly stationary. Sometimes dozens overnight. Crib positioning in the app looked good, but we still re-ran it a few times to see if there'd be any change. The baby fell asleep and baby woke up events were also more frequently missing or inaccurate. Our Nanit Pro camera was on firmware v6.13.496 when I first opened a ticket.

Before Nanit responded, I saw the app offering to upgrade the camera to v6.15.502. After taking the update ~24 hours ago the false positives have nearly disappeared. Maybe it's a coincidence. Maybe not.

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