Inaccurate insights

Jessinnaround Member
edited March 22 in Camera & App

Is anyone else having problems with Nanit insights? It’s telling me my baby was in bed for 7 hours last night and slept for 6, when he was, in fact, in bed for 12 hours exactly and slept for at least 11.5 hours.


  • Yes. My insights and memories are highly inaccurate. I see how to edit insights but can’t do that if memories skip hours at a time and can’t remember how many visits there were but no, my 2 week old didn’t sleep 14 hours 😂🤣

    poor ux and ui set up - only way to edit is have a video source and remember times so either do it as you go(which you can’t bc insight not yet made) or have to watch memories which doesn’t work either



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