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I have Nanit connected to Alexa and therefore our bevy of Alexa-enabled devices, like Amazon Shows and Fire TV, but one thing I'm not figuring out how to do is see the breathing monitor status along with the video? Is there a way to enable this that I'm missing? Thanks!


  • Brian
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    We have an Echo 8 mounted under a cabinet in our kitchen. We use it for various things and enabled the Nanit Show skill ( to give us another device to watch the kiddo while doing things in the kitchen without grabbing one of the iPads we usually use.

    Does the Alexa Skill get any love? It doesn't show any breathing data and is a basic video feed with no other features. Some of that may be platform limitations, but it remains a bit underwhelming even though it allows "Works with Alexa" to be stamped on the packaging.

    We find it constantly disconnects and goes to "Buffering.." and rarely recovers once it does unless we send Alexa to the home screen and launch it again. The Echo Show itself has great Wi-Fi connectivity and other video streaming skills (e.g. Ring) work without issue.

    I'm curious about others' experiences with it.

  • NanitJessica
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    Hey @Jeffus,

    We're so sorry for the super late reply about this. Unfortunately, Amazon Alexa devices only allows to watch the video stream. You can view more about Amazon Alexa devices & Nanit here: Amazon Alexa & Nanit.

    We'll still share your feature request to our product team and will be sure to provide any update or information whenever we hear back from the team.

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    Hi @Brian,

    We're so sorry for the late reply. For the additional features on Amazon Alexa (such as breathing data), I've shared this feedback to the product team. We'll be sure to update the community when we hear any new information in regards to that.

    With the issue that you're having with Amazon Alexa constantly disconnecting and buffering, make sure that the stream is working properly on the Nanit app. If it shows an issue where you can't stream through the Nanit app, follow the instructions here: How do I improve my Nanit's connection?

    Otherwise, we unfortunately have no control over the buffer Amazon Alexa uses. The Nanit app always optimizes for low latency; however, Amazon Alexa optimizes for smooth streaming and prefers buffering over latency. 

    To improve overall connectivity, we suggest that you have your Alexa devices on the same WiFi network as your Nanit camera. This should allow a direct connection and improved connectivity. If this issue persists, follow Amazon’s troubleshooting for Alexa devices.

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