Temperature issue

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I received my nanit on Tuesday. Installed it right away. Since I’ve got it working the temperature has not worked. I saw on the site that in order to fix this you had to unplug the device and it would reset its self if you wait 10 seconds. I’ve attempted multiple times and nothing. Should I send it back to the company? Thanks!


  • I'm having this issue too. The temperature and humidity insights just stopped working... they've read as dash lines for a couple of weeks now. Have you gotten any resolution on this? Thanks.

  • NanitJessica
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    Hi @Gallagher1_,

    Thanks for posting on the community and we're sorry for the late reply! Let us know if you're still having issues with your Nanit camera still not showing the temperature or humidity.

    Hey @Frankie,

    Ensure your camera is completely plugged into the stand and does not feel loose to ensure the temperature and humidity reading is working. Otherwise, try power cycling your camera by removing the camera from the stand and unplugging it from the wall for about five minutes. Then re-attach the camera back on the stand and let it boot back up.

    While power cycling your camera, uninstalling the Nanit app, reboot your phone device, and reinstall the app.