Temperature calibration/reported incorrectly in app

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Anyone else having issues with the app reporting incorrect temperatures?




  • NanitMelanie
    NanitMelanie Nanit Team

    Hi @HLawrenceBrown do you mind sharing some additional information on what you're experiencing so we can better diagnose what may be causing this? What precisely are you seeing, how far off are the temperature readings? Or, are you just not seeing any readings?


  • @Melanie your support folks emailed me back and did a trouble shoot. I’m within the 1-4 degree acceptable variance range so nothing they can do.

    however, 1-4 degrees is a HUGE range.

  • We also have temperature problems, it is cold or hot, it always marks the same temperature in the app ... How can this problem be corrected?

  • @Noelstolk I went ahead and submitted a ticket over to our support team so they can take a closer look at your camera with you and troubleshoot!

  • @Melanie thank u very much, I will be waiting.

  • I have found my camera records about a 2 degree celsius difference. So if camera says 22, its actually about 20. In winter I have a heater set to about 24 so it drops to about 22 before kicking in again.

    I just use a cheap thermometer to see what the actual temp is within the room!

  • @CGriff same here. we've reset it with their tech teams several times. the house will be at 72 degrees (f) and the nanit says 77. its never exactly right which is a shame for such an expensive device they also claim there is a 1-4 degree of variability which is ahuge range


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