Iphone 14 connection issues

I recently got the new iPhone and for some reason it just won't connect to the Nanit cam. Other devices at my home are working fine (iPad, iphone 12 with ios 16). Any one else facing the same issue?

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  • Yes. We are having this same issue. No connection with new phones

  • Yes, same here. My husband updated to the new iOS on an older iPhone with no issues but the app will not connect on my iPhone 14.

  • Same here. New iPhone 14 not connecting.

  • Pharmom1
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    Same issue. Not connecting at all.

    edit: I deleted the app and reinstalled and everything is working again. Hope that works for you!

  • stujay18
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    Same. Nanit has become useless.

  • anyone else experiencing this? i’ve been having this issue since yesterday evening. constant loading screen on my iPhone 13 and my wife’s iPhone 12 (I upgraded to iOS 16 last week, my wife is still on ios 15). i checked my iPad and the loading screen is there as well..last night i tried all of the troubleshooting things (restarting my phone, disconnecting wifi, deleting the app, etc. turning the camera off and on seemed to work last night but now nothing is working.

  • NanitJessica
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    Hi everyone,

    For those who are still experiencing the issue, have you tried the suggestion that Pharamom1 mentioned above with uninstalling the Nanit app, rebooting your iOS device, and reinstalling the app to see if that helps?

    Please let us know if you're still experiencing the issue and let us know what app version you are running on your iOS device and what phone device and iOS version you're running (if you haven't mentioned above).

  • Same issue. I have a Iphone13 running the latest IOS. It worked fine when I went to sleep and I woke up and it not isn’t working. I have done everything suggested above.

  • Yes we have tried all suggestions. Same result

  • Hemant
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    Update: deleting and re-installing the app did work for me.