Nanit Pro with a small crib?

urfankhaliq Unconfirmed, Member
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Hey all. Looking at purchasing a Nanit Pro but will be using it (initially) with a smaller crib next to the bed. As a result, the Nanit Pro floor stand can't be positioned on the long side of the crib since the bed is there, and will be placed on the short side of the crib.

Looking at the spec and details, it suggests that it has to be placed on the long side and won't work well if its on the short side as the orientation will be out and you get false alerts?

Is this really the case? seems like a basic ask to be able to place the Nanit Pro on any end of the crib and have the application work?



  • NanitJessica
    NanitJessica Community Moderator, Nanit Team

    Hi @urfankhaliq,

    Thanks for your question about this. For best results with Insights, we still recommend that the camera is placed on the long side of the crib.

    If that is not possible due to your setup, you may use the camera on the short side of the crib but may experience some inaccuracies with Insights. For best results, please ensure that the camera has a bird’s eye view, has a space of 10-12 inches visible on at least one side of the crib, and that the ‘Motion Area’ is properly set, which you can see below.