Nanit, the Tesla of Monitors in ways you don’t want

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So where do I begin? I ordered 2x Pros to replace an Arlo Baby and with our second child on the way. Costed a fortune, but thought I was getting a quality product. I was mistaken, and my wife and I both regret these products ever since they arrived.

Camera Quality

The quality of the camera is an embarrassment. I see why you need the breathingwear to monitor breathing, your camera is so bad, it cannot actually pick up breathing unless your special pattern is attached to the child. The Arlo’s camera quality is light years ahead of our Nanits. And nightvision, wow… I didn’t expect it to be so terrible. It’s a blurry mess and it’s impossible to see if the kids are breathing or not, regardless of how low I mount the cameras in the cots… quality never improves to the point of it being anything like our Arlo.


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