Nanit, the Tesla of Monitors in ways you don’t want

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So where do I begin? I ordered 2x Pros to replace an Arlo Baby and with our second child on the way. Costed a fortune, but thought I was getting a quality product. I was mistaken, and my wife and I both regret these products ever since they arrived.

Camera Quality

The quality of the camera is an embarrassment. I see why you need the breathingwear to monitor breathing, your camera is so bad, it cannot actually pick up breathing unless your special pattern is attached to the child. The Arlo’s camera quality is light years ahead of our Nanits. And nightvision, wow… I didn’t expect it to be so terrible. It’s a blurry mess and it’s impossible to see if the kids are breathing or not, regardless of how low I mount the cameras in the cots… quality never improves to the point of it being anything like our Arlo.

I want to stress this - our Arlo, as much as the camera quality was just fantastic, was a horrible product. The app was useless, the camera would disconnect randomly and support were non existent.

I reached out to nanit support to voice my complaints about the camera quality, to which the support person didn’t quite understand what to do. I can tell you my wireless network and signal strength wasn’t the issue - it was never a bandwidth problem, it is simply a hardware quality problem.


Onto my Tesla comment in the title of this post… your product is not the Camera at all, its the subscription you wrap around the hardware that is your real and only product offering. If I don’t renew my insights subscription with you, my camera loses functionality, just like a Tesla. If I don’t pay for the full self driving subscription, even though my car has the hardware, I cannot use it. I paid for the hardware, but the software is what’s denying me access and here we have the same for nanit.

Are there any analytics capabilities in the camera itself? No, of course not. It’s in the nanit cloud service. The hardware is just a camera with a wireless chip to constantly upload video to your cloud service. I want notifications of movement?… yep, the cloud’s doing that. If I want to know how long they’ve been asleep - cloud. I paid $800 for 2x dumb cameras and I got gifted a taste of what they can do through your ‘free’ trial of your insights service; the real product.

It’s business practices like this that lose you customers and will eventually bankrupt your company. You have reviewers swooning over your product like it’s god’s gift to parents, when it’s obvious you have paid them, given them free gear and other incentives to sell their soul for a quick buck. The resale value of these cameras is basically zero, as what’s inside is nothing short of embarrassing to ask the money you ask, but then again… maybe the upfront price is actually the ‘free’ insights subscription, tied to a $50 camera in a fancy cardboard box, obviously ripped off from Apple, yet you won’t ironically integrate with Apple HomeKit.

Now you have the background, I’ll now get around to actually asking my question…

  • Does nanit plan to release a subscription service that will unlock better quality video from my existing nanit pro?

I’d really like to know if I have just an average piece of hardware on my wall or if it’s just awful software holding back its full potential.



  • NanitJessica
    NanitJessica Community Moderator, Nanit Team

    Hi @_Stef,

    Thanks for posting on the community. We have not heard anything from the product team in regards to having a better-quality video as a feature on our Insights subscription but will share with the product team your feedback. We appreciate you taking the time to share your concern and posting in the community about it.