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Is anyone else struggling with realizing the benefits of the Insights sleep summaries? Our baby is 6 weeks old and we have yet to have anything but a “fine” night, even when I thought we had a pretty good one :(… We do well with sleep onset, but we’ve never hit the goal for time asleep/sleep efficiency, and I’m really not sure how to help her improve on this. She’ll be in bed for 11-12 hours but it shows she’s awake for much of that time throughout the night (sleep efficiency has been 50-65%). She’s feeding every 3-4 hours during the night and it shows she goes back to sleep pretty quickly after each of these “away” times, but then is apparently up again on and off for extended periods of time in between them. Is she actually awake? If so, what can we do to get her to sleep more of this time?


  • Ah we had the same questions when our baby was really little! I will say the metrics made a lot more sense once he hit about 5 months. That’s when we started to see more green than yellow on the reports. My friend encountered the same thing. I think it’s hard to do much reporting on them when they are that small so I would worry more about it when your kiddo is older and more mobile!

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    @Lgrubbs22 The sleep efficiency score is calculated by dividing the time asleep in the crib by the total time from bedtime to wake-up time. When your baby is very little, a lot of sleep can happen outside the crib which might not end up being counted in the sleep efficiency score. As your baby gets older and spends more time in the crib, the sleep efficiency score will start to improve.

    Keep up the great work, though, you are doing an awesome job!

  • Also make sure you don’t have like a fan or mobile in the camera view. Ours consistently said fine until we raised up our mobile out of view now we get great all the time. But if it’s not that then just could be you LO is moving a lot at night.

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