It's just me or is this just a glorified nanny cam?

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I've purchased the full system. The camera, the wall adapter, the tripod, the stand, swaddles, bands & the sheets. In total, up to USD$1,000 considering I shipped overseas.

Initially very impressed with the system, our firstborn (preemie) needed constant care and this helped a lot. So much that I invested extra on the Unlimited tier account.

Started using the service, finding the insights & statistics really helpful to plan ahead feeding times, and our own nap windows. We use 2 cribs daily, one in our bedroom and one in the living room (daytime). Plus I'm preparing his own room. So the idea was to use the tripod in our bedroom, the wall adapter in his room and the stand in the living room.

To my dismay, upon using the stand the system warns me that when using it, all insights & statistics will not be enabled. It detects the stand based on the usb-c internal cable. I had mounted the stand so that it had the same view quality as the tripod and wall adapter, a nice view from above of the whole crib. 

So that means that during daytime, I don't have any real feedback on his sleep patterns. It's just a glorified nanny cam. This due to a random choice by Nannit. It could (it SHOULD) be my choice, I paid handsomly for the whole **** thing!

Upon reaching to Nannit, no real solution, just getting out of the Unlimited tier and getting those USD$130 back. That's it.

The hell with it. I carefully opened the stand, removed the cable and replaced for now with the one from the wall adapter (it's going to be a year at least until he sleeps in his room). So I had to find my own solution for this issue.

In summary: the Nannit hardware is nice, the software works as advertised. But random choices by the company force you to keep buying into the ecosystem, which is expensive, and these details are not well advertised. Cannot recommend.

Wrote this exact same words on Amazon reviews, I feel cheated! What could be an amazing product, turns out to NOT have the customer, the parents, at heart. Shame, shame, shame...


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    NanitMelanie Nanit Team

    Hi @geprieto - thanks for posting in the community and sharing your feedback with us. It is incredibly helpful for us to hear what is working well for our customers as well as where we are missing the mark and how we can improve. 

    It sounds like you were in touch with our support team and I wanted to clarify a bit further on the use of the multi-stand as it relates to insights. The multi-stand does not provide the same birds-eye view as the floor stand or wall mount, so there is a chance that the Nanit camera will not be able to detect when your child falls asleep, wakes up, or receives a visit. It is imperative that the information we share with you is accurate and reliable.

    If you are open to a deeper conversation - I’d like to coordinate a call with our Director of CS to ensure we are able to address your concerns in more detail and provide you with some solutions. Feel free to PM me directly, or comment here. Thank you.

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