Need info before I even consider a purchase.

So, I'm a foster mom and I have kiddo number 39 (autistic & special needs) who has breathing issues and I'm trying my best to keep this little out of the hospital as much as possible. (medical may be free here but the waits are HORRIBLE!) I'm in Canada so, the Lookee isn't sold here and I can't get it shipped over either even if the web site says it can be (it can't it gets returned at the border)

Owlet has been recalled because it's not FDA approved like it was said to be and now users are being forced to upgrade the app and device only to find now it's just a sleep monitor and many are livid as it doesn't record O2 levels anymore. (no one wants a lump of useless plastic) So I was told to look into this product, hence why I am here posting this. (I couldn't find the info I was looking for when I researched the product and I don't have the means to get my questions answered as I had hoped ...sooo here I am)

I like the devices features, problem is, this child will be needing this support till they are at LEAST 5 (when the geneticists can do kiddos genome mapping and figure out just what the heck is going on.) and I don't know if the service supports kids with special needs on a long term basis. Can someone from the Support team reach out to me via email so I can get more info? Like... will you have bigger Pajamas for kids 9 to 18 months or 24 months? Is there a wireless swaddler wrap for older kids? (Does it work on bigger kids?) is the alarms alert O2 levels adjustable? I won't even consider buying this product at the price it is unless I have all the info I could possibly need so I can show the social worker who works with this little one as well. It's a huge investment and it's needed yes... however there are other alternatives that could be cheaper (granted I haven't found them just yet as I'm still looking and asking questions to several companies) ... but if this has what I need... and this is one of the 1st companies who answer what I am asking and some of those sample questions can be done, then this will be what I will get for this child.



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    Hi @Xeriously_odd thanks so much for posting! I am going to have a member of our support team reach out to you directly to discuss our breathing motion monitoring in a bit more detail. We'll be in touch with you via email soon.