Nanit and Smart Devices

Kirsten Member
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Does anyone have an Amazon Show or Google Nest Hub etc? I’m wondering if Nanit camera is able to be viewed through either of these devices?


  • Lrou88
    Lrou88 Member

    Yes it can be viewed on an Echo show

  • I got it partly because I have a few Echo devices with screens, but I have never been able to make it work. The skill doesn’t seem to work as advertised - and all the bad reviews on the skill show that I’m not the only one with this problem.

  • Nanit’s skill for Alexa is a MASSIVE disappointment. Come on, Nanit, get some real developers and fix it! Nearly EVERY review on the skill is like this.

  • mbilus
    mbilus Member

    Bump. This needs to be addressed. So many cool features this can have. A lot of us got this so we could use our Alexa Shows as video monitors.

  • I have been able to use my iPad and iPhone. I do have a google home but have never tried to log onto the website to use it.

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