📣 New Feature! Set up Alert Zone with your Nanit Flex Stand

NanitJessica Community Moderator, Nanit Team
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Did you hear about our new feature? If you use your Nanit Pro + Flex Stand (formerly named "Multi-Stand"), you are able to set up an Alert Zone in the Nanit app! When movement occurs in the designated alert zone, you will receive a pop-up notification on your device.

Make sure you have the following requirements to use this feature:

  • Nanit Pro Camera
  • Pro Camera attached to a Flex Stand
  • Pro Camera firmware version 6.11 or higher
  • Active Insights Subscription (Basic, Premium, or Ultimate) - 1 year of Insights Basic comes with a new Pro + Flex purchase.

Tip: If you have more than one Nanit camera, you’ll need to adjust your notification settings for each camera separately.

Make sure you update to the latest version of the Nanit app to get access to the feature - and don't forget to turn on auto-updates to be among the first to get new features like this in the future! For more information, read our detailed knowledge base article here: Alert Zone.

Any questions? Share below! 👇


Disclaimer: This feature is intended to assist and alert of movement in the selected zone and does not replace adult supervision. It does not detect any dangerous materials, openings, temperatures, or other conditions that might be present in the zone and is not intended to detect danger in general.


  • Why does this require a flex stand? We have several, but we are quite happy with where the camera is permanently mounted in our four-year-old’s room (center of a wall where his crib was previously). We currently have it tilted up to capture the entire room, specifically his “big boy bed” and his door, but motion alerts are nearly useless. I was excited about setting his door as an alert zone, but my wife and I don’t want to (1) take the camera off the wall and (2) put it awkwardly on a stand on his dresser, where it will likely get bumped/played with DAILY, thus repeatedly ruining any camera alignment for alert or motion zones. We have three Nanits for our three kids, and we carefully planned out the location of the cameras (and furniture) when using the mounting kits. Kids are curious about electronics, especially when they have lights and sound, so naturally if they can reach them, they will play with them. Why limit this cool new feature to a portable stand we only use for traveling? We already have the cameras where we want them.

  • NanitMackenzie
    NanitMackenzie Community Moderator, Nanit Team

    Hey @RandyChicago ! Good question and thanks for sharing - it’s great to hear that alert zone is something you would use with your wall mount/floor stand. We will definitely pass this back to our product team.

    To provide some additional information on why it’s currently only available for the Flex Stand (formerly called the Multi-Stand) - the development of Alert Zone functionality is different for Flex Stand than it would have been for the Wall Mount/Floor Stand (because of differences in camera orientation, etc.). Our team chose to prioritize compatibility with the Flex Stand because of the stand’s portability and thus, a wider range of use cases and spaces outside of the nursery where it could be helpful (traveling included, but other rooms inside the home too). We plan to make further improvements to Alert Zone in the future, so feedback like this is incredibly helpful for our team. Thank you!

  • Abbyjh68
    Abbyjh68 Member

    I'm curious, is the new Flex Stand the same as the multi-stand? We JUST got the multi-stand on sale right before this release came out. Are they the same thing or would we need to purchase another stand to make use of this new feature?

  • NanitMackenzie
    NanitMackenzie Community Moderator, Nanit Team

    Hi @Abbyjh68! Our Multi-Stand you are familiar with has been re-named to Flex Stand. This is the first time we've sold the Pro+Flex Stand together as a duo (previously it was only possible to buy the Pro with a Wall Mount or Floor Stand), so we took the opportunity to refresh the name of the product and re-launch it as part of the duo.

    The stand product and compatible features are all still the same - meaning you can use Alert Zone with the stand you just purchased, no need to buy a new stand! Let us know if you have any other questions 😊