Really Delayed stream to iPad

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Hi all

I've always used my old iPad mini to stream the Nanit, which is now at its max IOS update of 15.5.5.

In the last couple weeks (max) I’ve noticed the stream is really slow, compared to what I can actually hear through the wall or on my phone for example.

I know Nanit said they weren’t providing updates for certain IOS and below (which I think included my iPad). I think this is really unfair firstly, because the hardware I choose to watch it on factored massively into whether we would buy it or not. Now we’ll be forced to use our phones which is something we never wanted to do! So really angry about that.

Anyway, not sure the delay is linked to this anyway as it’s only happened the last week or so, and no updates have changed in that time.

any idea why I’m getting such a delay?


  • NanitJessica
    NanitJessica Community Moderator, Nanit Team

    Hi @clairem1122,

    Thanks for posting on the community about this. We want to let you know that we still support products that have Android 8 and higher and iOS 13 and higher so we do support your iPad Mini if you have iOS 15.

    If you are experiencing some delays with your live stream, you can try force closing the Nanit app and turning off the camera, and turning it back on through the app to see if that helps. Also, try rebooting your iPad Mini to see if that might help.