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Given the price and capabilities of the Nanit I am pretty disappointed with how "dumb" the motion and sound alerts are.

Motion alerts just seem to look at pixels changing so are triggered by shadows, blinds moving, someone walking into the room. Even if the baby is not in the cot!

Same goes for sounds, goes off at any sound, even if the baby is not in the crib. Nothing more annoying than trying to comfort a crying baby when you are not even in the same room as the Nanit and having your phone vibrate to say noise detected!

Why is the motion alerts not on the baby moving, and noise alerts detect crying and only trigger if the baby is in the cot!

Baby present detection is already present in the analytics so this does not seem like a big jump in capabilities...

Also I don't need motion alerts if I am in the room attending to the baby! Again this is something the analytics knows is happening so why would you tell me!

It really is that bad that I am considering returning it.


  • NanitChristopher
    NanitChristopher Nanit Support Team

    Hi @Rod,

    You bring up a lot of good questions about our system and how Sound and Motion notifications works in the Nanit App.

    I want to start off by explaining that the software that powers the Insight Sleep data is separate from the Sound and Motion. Unforuantley, our system is unable to only enable sound or motion notifications when a baby is in the crib. This sounds like a great feature!

    An explanation on why you're not getting notifications when your baby is in the crib could be due to the sensitivity for both Sound and Motion. How Sound and Motion notifications work is when either notification is sent a cool-down period must be completed before the next sound or motion notification is sent. If the sensitivity of either are set too high it can prevent the system from completing the cool-down period.


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