Updates and lights

Quick question to the developers: is it necessary to make the light flash intermittently every time that the software / firmware is updated in the middle of the night? I witnessed a few times that because of this my baby wakes up.


  • Melanie
    Melanie Nanit Team

    Hi @Cris thanks for the feedback and for posting here! Can you elaborate a bit more on how often this is happening for you? We typically don't push out firmware updates too often, so I want to make sure what you experiencing is tied to firmware updates and not something else. I completely understand how waking your baby is the least ideal scenario for any sort of update to your camera which is why I'd like to dig in a bit deeper!


  • Cris
    Cris Member

    Hi @Melanie ,

    Thanks for your answer.

    Let me elaborate a bit more: I’ve noticed that every time the app updates / crashes goes into a “reset” mode which is the same behaviour that happens on the first time you plug the camera; the light behind the camera flashes intermittently. (pro camera)

    This flashing light also flashes when the app gets an update. Perhaps it’s not recommended to leave the app in “auto update” from the OS to avoid this situations.