📣 New Feature! Use Growth Charts to Track Baby's Development

NanitJessica Community Moderator, Nanit Team
edited July 12 in Camera & App

Did you hear about our new feature? Growth Charts is a new app feature that allows you to catch every milestone by logging your baby's height, weight, and head circumference at regular intervals as they grow up! 👶

Check it out 👀

Scroll through past measurements and see your little one’s growth right before your eyes. You’ll also be able to see your baby’s growth percentile as compared to the CDC’s Clinical Growth Charts - this can be helpful information to capture and share with your care team! 🙌

Tip: If you use Nanit Smart Sheets, your baby’s height will be automatically added to the chart when you log a measurement! If you haven’t measured recently, try it out - we recently made the process even easier. For more information, see more here: Nanit Growth Charts.

Make sure you update to the latest version of the Nanit app to get access to this feature - and don't forget to turn on auto-updates to be among the first to get new features like this in the future! 😄

Any questions? Share below! 👇️