False Red Alerts?

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Hi all. New user with a 2.5 week old. During a nap this afternoon a red alert went off which obviously now has is a little frazzled. It’s hard to tell from the video whether this was a false alert or if he actually did stop breathing for 20 seconds to trigger it. Does anyone have experience with these? Do false alerts appear to be common?


  • NanitStephanie
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    Hi @ATKanter -

    We know receiving a red alert can be very stressful. Nanit will trigger a red alert when the camera is unable to detect the breathing motion. In some cases with smaller babies we suggest bringing the camera a little closer to the baby. You can do this by safely raising the mattress or using the Multi-Stand. The link below will provide you with additional steps to help prevent red alerts. You can always report the red alert via the Nanit app and one of our team members will provide you with feedback.

    If you have any concerns about your baby’s health or safety, you should always contact your medical provider with questions.


  • Thank you for your feedback. I’ll report it as a false alert in that case to receive the feedback (unsure of whether it was false or not looking back at the video clip). Much appreciated!!

  • LRHdad
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    I’m sorry you also had to experience this. We had this happen with a breathing band and a swaddle even though everything was set up according to the directions. They were definitely all false as one happened as I was watching her breath, however I believe she entered a deep sleep where her breathing became more shallow so the camera wasn’t picking it up.

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