How many people can use the app to see the baby?



  • BFid
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    We’re traveling and just realized this change happened. I had a third team member added but couldn’t add a fourth (the grandparent currently caring for our child while we’re away). I thought that was strange but I removed the third to make space for the grandparent. Still couldn’t add them and now I can’t even add back the person I just removed! So so mad!!!!

  • NanitJessica
    NanitJessica Community Moderator, Nanit Team

    Hi @BFid,

    Thanks for posting on the community. This will depend on what subscription you have, which you can see below:

    • Nanit Insights Basic - Up to 2 users
      • Every Nanit Camera includes one year of Nanit Insights Basic.
    • Nanit Insights Premium - Up to 10 users
    • Nanit Insights Unlimited - Up to 50 users

    You can read more about the benefits of each subscription here: Nanit Insights.

  • BrendanJ
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    Yes, this really seems unreasonable for the cost of the camera and app. Many families have more than 2 primary caregivers and the competitors appear to offer 4 users on their basic plan. I really like our Nanit, but now that we've just started with a nanny it was a crappy surprise to see that we would have to pay to have the nanny use the monitor (she doesn't need any of the bells/whistles, just basic use). I would strongly recommend Nanit consider adding basic camera use for more users as part of the basic plan. This downside will be something I mention to other potential buyers.

    PAPATD Member

    The number of allowed users is now down to 2 and I need to pay to add the grandparents? This is an absolute disgrace. I just ordered a 2nd nanit cam for my 2nd kid and am 100% returning it. You guys should be ashamed.

  • u_d
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    4 people minimum should be included at the basic level. I can't recommend this camera without that.

  • This has changed since we first bought our device and was never mentioned. Ridiculous that you either have to give out your password or pay just to add a baby sitter or grandparent. Yes sure you get the extra insights, but really not interested in that!

    This feels like the money grab of a company who's business plan isn't working out or just becoming greedy. Either way no way I can recommend the products anymore.

  • Wow, what a scam. I am going to make sure all of my new parent friends know not to buy a Nanit.

  • angrydad
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    edited September 13

    I just signed up to say that this is a scam. After spending $300 on a camera, you can't even have basic features like add some family members without trying to milk more money out of customers. Who wants the whole "insights" junk?

    It's almost feels like the company is struggling to grow and is cashing in whatever reputation they have built up so far.