Restricted access based on a certain Time of the day



  • NanitJessica
    NanitJessica Community Moderator, Nanit Team

    Thank you all for taking the time to share your feedback with us. Our product team is aware of the request for this feature and we are continuing to share each request with the team. We currently don't have an ETA to share with you at this time but we will make sure to provide an update to the community when we have more information to share - thank you for your patience!

  • Danims
    Danims Member

    I’m a new Nanit owner and am really disappointed to read this thread. We have a nanny starting in May and I can’t believe there’s not a timer feature to help protect our security. Based on the updates, it doesn’t sound like a fix is coming anytime soon. This is a dealbreaker for me unfortunately. Any hope at this point for this?

  • I’m glad I checked this discussion board before purchasing the Insights subscription to be able to add my baby’s incoming nanny. Seems pointless to me if I can’t control access times and have to remember to turn access on and off twice a day, every day. Given the lack of real updates from the team, this feature is very likely not part of the product roadmap for 2022. We’re now forced to purchase another monitoring device, which we hadn’t anticipated when first buying the Nanit. Hard to recommend the Nanit to our friends who are thinking of having a nanny for their babies.

  • Matta
    Matta Member

    Would have purchased a premium subscription if you had this feature. Just going to buy a cheap monitor for the nanny now.

  • NathanC
    NathanC Member

    It’s borderline pathetic this still isn’t available after over a year of requests (that’s only on this thread).

    The quality of the current app is high, and implementing this from a design, coding, testing & release standpoint is literally a day of work for a competent team.

  • It’s frankly unbelievable that this isn’t available or even on the roadmap. They pushed through the video history feature that no one asked for though... The Venn diagram of clientele who would pay for a premium monitor and who would have a nanny is a circle. Not renewing my subscription or recommending to friends when I can get a $30 monitor my nanny can use during work hours. As an engineer myself knowing the amount of work it would take I find this decision indefensible.

  • Nvyas
    Nvyas Member

    Any update on the nanny access restriction feature?

  • Libby_Pierce_1
    edited June 17

    Has this feature been added? I have a nanny starting next week and only want her to have access certain times of the day. I'd rather not have to manually do this everyday

  • lapla
    lapla Unconfirmed, Member

    Is this feature being added soon? Would be great to have different permission levels for additional carers as I have a nanny starting soon. Kind of assumed it would be an option for premium subscriptions since it seems like a no brainer. Instead I guess I’ll have to purchase additional camera? Disappointing.

  • NanitJessica
    NanitJessica Community Moderator, Nanit Team
    Answer ✓

    Thank you everyone for sharing your interest in this feature - I've been passing along all your feedback to the product team.

    We are still waiting for an ETA from the team but rest assured that the team is looking into this request and has not been forgotten! We will make sure to provide an update to the community when we have more information to share - thank you for your patience and understanding.