Nanit to Chromecast or work with Google Nest Hub



  • Anything to say @NanitMelanie @NanitJessica???

  • NanitJessica
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    Thank you all for taking the time to share your enthusiasm about this feature request. We hear your desire for this request and have been sharing all of this feedback with our product team.

    At this time, we do not have any new updates to provide as our team is still looking into this request. We are grateful for your patience and promise to be committed to providing updates on this thread when we do have new information to share.

  • kenzinger
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    That response from @NanitJessica sounds a lot like there are no plans to support Google Home. How disappointing ☹️

  • Real shame this isn’t one of the priorities.

    May I ask why it isn’t out of interest? Keen to understand.

  • This is a non-answer. This is the kind of answer I give users when they ask about their helpdesk ticket that I know won't be resolved soon. Really sad to see they aren't making this a priority.

  • Sunnycc
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    In my opinion, this is a must have! I just installed our Nanit camera. It’s shocking for me to just learn it doesn’t work with Google Homes. When will the feature be added? This is seriously lagging behind comparing to other features Nanit has. Not sure why this is not prioritized? I don’t think anyone likes to stream on the phone all the time. Thanks in advance for speeding this up.

  • Sunnycc
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    Any updates on this? It’s June 2022 now. Thank you.

  • CelesteL
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    Does Nanit work with the Google Home System/Chromecast?

  • Jdferg
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    @CelesteL it does not. This entire 14 page thread is about a community upset that Nanit does not work with Google Home or Chromecast and the Nanit company indirectly confirming that there are no plans to support it. If support for Google Home or Chromecast is a feature you want, Nanit is not going to work for you at this point.

  • Ellevol
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    New User here, just raising my hand for the "I would like this feature added" ...

    Seems odd that a dev posted on the first page of this thread that it could be completed within about a month. Yet a year later there's no progress. For one of the "top end" baby monitor systems this seems to be an odd thing to leave out.