Baby won't sleep in the crib

Hi my baby is almost 9 months old and she's sleeping in bed with me since she's 2 month and I been trying to put her sleep in the crib but isn't not work well I don't know what to do any advice? could you please help!


  • Hello Olivia,

    I believe this this one of the tough it out moments. You will have to be persistent on keeping her in her own bed. She is use to sleeping with you and the complete breakaway is just horrible to her. This is why co sleeping is so hard. This is the hard part. You’ll probably be up multiple times at night, to put her back to sleep but you stay consistent and it will get better. Soundscapes and white noise, pushing bed time out a little further to make her really tired, heating pad under the sheet helps w warmth so she feels body heat and heart beat noises as well can help.