Transitioning From Our Room to His

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Ok. My son has co-slept with us (practicing the safe 7 and please don't hate, it was our choice, due to a few issues with his room, including temperature problems 🥵🥶🤯).

We're working on transitioning him to his room and his toddler bed, now that he's 2+, and now that we've found a way to keep his room within acceptable temperature ranges. However, he's spent 2 years with mama as his lovey (he never formed an attachment to any particular toys) and I'm basically a self-propelling🧸with a heartbeat, lol.

Have any of you any tips for transitioning him to his bed? Where I'm currently struggling is that just picking him up and trying to move him, he wakes up when I go to lay him in his bed, even if I curl up on the thing with him.

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