Transitioning From Our Room to His

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Ok. My son has co-slept with us (practicing the safe 7 and please don't hate, it was our choice, due to a few issues with his room, including temperature problems 🥵🥶🤯).

We're working on transitioning him to his room and his toddler bed, now that he's 2+, and now that we've found a way to keep his room within acceptable temperature ranges. However, he's spent 2 years with mama as his lovey (he never formed an attachment to any particular toys) and I'm basically a self-propelling🧸with a heartbeat, lol.

Have any of you any tips for transitioning him to his bed? Where I'm currently struggling is that just picking him up and trying to move him, he wakes up when I go to lay him in his bed, even if I curl up on the thing with him.

Of course, on the rare occasions I've managed to get him down in there, he often wakes up within 30-60 minutes, because he noticed i wasn't there when he either rolled over and reached, or tried to dig his toes under me 🤦‍♀️.

I've got things that smell like both his dad and I on the bed in there, and I've got white noise just like our room.

He's got a sea-dreams soother and a little cloud-pillow night light that he knows how to turn on.

Any advice for easing this transition would be very welcome, especially if you've gone through something similar! Thanks! 💖


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    Try starting slowly, if he still takes naps try to get him to only sleep in his bed. Make it a fun place, reading books while in his bed, maybe a toy or two (ours won’t go to bed unless his bunny and some other random toy are in there). Try to start him each night in his bed rather than move him from yours after he falls asleep. I think part of that problem is him knowing he falls asleep in your bed but wakes up someplace different. Even if you can’t get him to stay in the whole night, hopefully he will progressively stay longer and longer in his. And maybe try staying in his room either in a comfortable chair or on the floor until he falls asleep. It’s definitely going to be an uphill battle. Good luck!

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    Unfortunately, he refuses to go to sleep in his room; when I try to start there, he works himself eventually into a frenzy and panic, screaming "nini mama, nini!" and pointing or outright trying to go to our room. If I try to get him to fall asleep in the glider with me, it takes much longer until he gets upset, but it still leads to the same thing. 😰

    We're going to visit my husband's family in another state for 2 weeks at the end of July, so I'm kind of hoping that us going to a new location for so long will help ease the transition, though, and break that pattern of panic for our room. 🤞