Why does the white noise cut out?

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I'm a pretty big fan of the Nanit, it's provided a big piece of mind for my wife and I, but why on earth is the white noise tied to the connectivity (it seems)? Since we've owned it it's had issues with the white noise cutting out, which wakes our baby up. It's extremely frustrating, for all of us. I understand that the camera may have difficulties connecting sometimes, but it shouldn't affect the white noise at all. Is my unit faulty? It seems like this is happening to others as well.


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    Hi @Monkeh123, I'm glad that you are finding your Nanit beneficial, but I'm sorry to hear that white noise isn't working as expected for you. It seems the issue you are experiencing is related to a firmware bug but that our developers have identified and prioritized resolving. I will update the community as soon as I have more information on a fix, as I know that this is not ideal for baby or for you!

  • We are having the same problem. Last night we could hear the white noise stop and start. This caused our baby to wake up each time. It was highly frustrating to all of is and no one got much sleep. We had this issue happen a few times in the last few days as well. Is there going to be some sort of fix put in place or is the Nanit faulty? When the white noise goes out, the camera view is unavailable which is concerning too. Please help us figure out a fix so we can sleep

  • We are having the same issue. Is very frustrating. Please fix as it creates a huge disturbance in my baby sleeps. Every time the sound goes off and on it scares him.