Nanit to Chromecast or work with Google Nest Hub



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    My advice to you and everyone else experiencing this problem would be to buy a refurbished echo show 5 ($40 on Amazon - or find a used one echo show. Stinks to have to do that after buying a $400 baby monitor but clearly does not seem the Nanit team is going to solve this any time soon.

    We had an old 2019 Echo Show 5 and it works

  • Any news on this?

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    Hi Nanit Community Members - thank you for sharing your feedback on this feature. We hear you and understand how important this feature is (among others that we have heard from you here on community, too).

    In case this was missed, Amir, our Chief Product Officer did share an update here on this thread which you can read in full by clicking here and I've also copied below:

    Nanit parents,Let me first introduce myself, my name is Amir Eitan and I’ve recently joined Nanit as a Chief Product Officer. A great deal of my work is to listen to engaged community members like the ones who posted here and adapt Nanit’s offerings to meet the needs.

    While I can’t share the company’s roadmap, for obvious reasons, I want you to be sure that Chromecast support, split screens and all sorts of integrations are coming your way.

    Having said that please note that Nanit will always prioritize safety, privacy and security above all other features and while not apparent to the users often times, these do require a great deal of investment from the team.Please continue to share your feedback, Nanit’s product team works closely with Melanie and continuously discussing priorities based on your feedback.Thanks,


    I've reached out to our product team to see if we have any additional updates we can share at this time with you! Feel free to reach out to me directly by sending me a PM here on the community or you can always email [email protected]

  • That update was on 12/20/2021 which was over a month ago. Your users just want to make sure that our request for Google Home support is getting done and, while it seems like Nanit "hears" us, there doesn't seem to be any action behind it. And this is frustrating. Just implement it already.

  • @Jdferg I understand your frustration - I'm working to get updates that I am able to share with you all.

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    Thanks - that response actually generates less rather than more confidence that the issue is being heard, understood, and prioritized, but maybe I'm being too pessimistic and cynical. Rather than trying to tackle all of those things listed, why not start with the simple ability to view the Nanit on a Google Home/Nest device? I would think that is more important, easier, and far more 'bang for the developer buck' than literally all of the things Amir listed.

  • Just adding another customer request to get the Nanit camera to link to a google nest within the home. Would be amazing to have this feature.

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    Nanit parents,

    First, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback here with us in our community.  We are excited about the new features and integrations coming your way in 2022.

    We know that some of the biggest enhancement requests from our customers are multi-child monitoring and google home integration.

    We also know that the timing when to expect these features is important to you. Our product team plans to deliver multi-child monitoring this calendar year.  We are also hoping to release google home integration this year - but should have more information on timing in the next few months.

    In the meantime, Nanit will continue to prioritize safety, privacy and security above all other features and these do require a great deal of investment from the team.

  • Thank you for this update and I hope to hear news of google integration. My question is why is this just being taken seriously? I've owned this for over a year and I remember when I got it and went to install it for the first time when it dawned on me that my smart baby cam didn't integrate with google. Them being one of the top, if not the biggest, companies out there. I dug through forums and whatever I could find and found no answers. Once I finally gave up on some simple thing I was missing and accepted that this couldn't do one of the main things i wanted it to do, I moved on and would return to search from time to time. Suddenly, I see it here and responses from you guys about it. Imagine my delight to read of a possible solution. So I look forward to this feature being added but I was curious as to what took so long to even acknowledge it?

  • +1. Please this functionality is much needed, I would have to find another camera if not added