Floor stand and crib clearance

Looking to buy a crib that has enough clearance for the Nanit legs.

I am looking at the Delta Children Aster or the Storkcraft Beckett. Anybody currently own any of these?

Open to any other suggestions.


  • kycin888
    kycin888 Member

    @mariaj1021 We have the IKEA Sundivk crib and it works well with the floor stand...however, we have the crib against the wall and we don't use the 3rd leg. We also use the attached piece that secures the pole of the stand to the wall. It's nice because you don't need to drill it into the wall, it comes with 3M double sided tape that is easily removable. However, once you stick it, make sure you're not moving it again because then you will have to go out and get new 3M double sided removable tape.