Baby refuses to nap in crib

My 6 month old boy is currently being sleep trained at night and weaned off night feedings gradually. Although that’s going fairly well,( he falls asleep on his own at night and rarely wakes up,) naps in the day are tough. We’ve always done contact napping and I’ve been trying to place him in the crib once drowsy like at night, and he immediately wakes… what’s the deal? Do I have to cry it out for naps too? 😮‍💨


  • Momo780
    Momo780 Member

    I read that naps and nighttime sleeps are different. Babies usually master naps first before night time. Sounds like baby has a different routine for naps versus night time. I would try to keep a consistent routine for both and hopefully baby will adapt to the naps

  • We just finished sleep training.. it can take a while! Consistency is key. My wife and I focused on bedtime first. Once our daughter was falling asleep with little protesting, we started on nap time. We haven’t mastered it yet, but our daughter is way more comfortable in her crib for naps and bedtime.

  • MariaMc
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    We sleep trained our daughter at 4 months with bedtime first. I tried with naps too but my daughter refused to nap in her cot for a further month and would only nap in stroller. Eventually it stated to work and now at 18 months will only nap in her cot. We’ve gone full circle but it’s great when in all comes together eventually!