Daytime Naps


I’m looking for some advice/tips for my 3.5 month old and his daytime naps.

At night, my son sleeps great in his crib for long durations of time. But during the day, it’s a different story. He’ll only sleep for 30 min at a time. If I’m holding him or if he’s in his lounger, he’ll sleep longer, up to 1.5-2 hours. I’ve read so many things online and have tried keeping him in his crib for a little longer, hoping that he’ll fall back asleep on his own but he’ll soon start fussing. 

I have the optimal sleep environment with sound machine, black out curtains, etc. And I know that he can self-soothe.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’m trying to do whatever I can to set us both up for success when I have to go back to work in the next coming weeks.



  • my boy (4 months old today) was exactly the same. Because he got plenty of night time sleep, his naps were garbage. I learned that I needed to adjust his wake windows. Now, he only naps twice. (I know, it sounds crazy for a 4 month old!) once he is done with night time sleep, he is awake for 2 solid hours. We feed him multiple times in those two hours, play with him, turn on music, all kinds of things to keep him entertained and not grumpy. Then we put him down for his first nap and he will go on and off, between sleep cycles, for about 2 hours. Then we repeat the wake window for 2 hours, he goes down for another 2, and then bedtime routine for 2.5 hours until we put him down for bed.

    I noticed that because he was getting most of his sleep during the night, his naps needed to be consolidated to build up sleep pressure.

    I hope this helps!