4 month old rolling over

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My 4 month old just started rolling over…he does it when I lay him down in his crib for naps or overnight and he starts crying each time because he’s still sleepy. He only rolls from back to tummy - sometimes he gets a little stuck while attempting it. The other night I brought him to bed because he won’t roll over there and he finally fell asleep through the night with the exception of waking up to feed. I want him to sleep in his crib to keep getting him used to it. He was doing so well. What can I do?


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    My daughter did the same thing. She actually really enjoyed sleeping on her belly even though it freaked me out (thank goodness for the Nanit breathing band)

    Only suggestion I have is during the day work hard on your child’s tummy time and rolling so they can improve. Then when it comes to bedtime they will feel more comfortable with good neck strength and soon be able to flip from belly to back.

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    Agree! Working on it every day. Thanks!