Magic Merlin Suit

I have a five month old who is currently in a magic merlin suit and he knows how to roll. I was wondering how I can transition him into a sleep sack because every time I leave his arms out he ends up scratching his face and getting startled and waking himself up. I have tried everything.


  • amonfro
    amonfro Member, Super Parent

    Have you tried the Zipadee Swaddle? It has a starfish shape that is supposed to make it safe for babies that roll over. I Haven’t tried it myself but I just ordered one for my three month old she isn’t loving the Merlin but has a strong startle reflex

  • melissak09
    melissak09 Member, Super Parent

    I haven't used the Zipadee-Zip, but I have heard it's good! Do you have any of the pjs with the fold over hands? That might help for now too.