Ignores eye contact and does not speak much

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Hi my son is 10 months when i lift him he does not make eye contact sometimes he does but when he wants and he gets upset and angry fast.He is not even trying to speak much yet please give us some advice that will help us thanks


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    We enlisted the help of a speech therapist for our son. He wasn't exhibiting the same behavior as your child, but he was delayed in speaking. Having an expert come in and give us strategies was great.

    One thing that really helped was using "baby sign language" while also talking with him. The way it was explained to us was that the speech center of the brain was different than the hearing center, so by using gestures to express words, that also exercise the speech center and therefor would help verbal expression as well.

    Our son definitely blossomed and it was like the flood gates opening.

    We spoke with our pediatrician on how to get a speech therapist.

    Best of luck and keep working at it!