Just turned one

My 12.5 month old is fighting me at naps .. 1st (around 9:45-10) one he will cry for 5-10 and sleeps max and hour. Use to be much longer .

2nd is a complete fail, it’s been 4 days. (around 3pm)

I know he is teething and dealing with separation anxiety but how long can this go on.

i am putting to bed at 6 now , before it was 7:30.

anyone else ?


  • Natalie_Barnett_PhD
    Natalie_Barnett_PhD Member, Nanit Team, Expert

    @Cgobble I would suggest trying to transition to one nap. Try to keep him up until 11/11.30am if you can, give him an early lunch (this might feel weird but it will help lengthen the nap) and then get him down for a nap. Hopefully he will take a long nap and then be able to make it through to 6/6.30pm. Gradually over a few weeks you can move the nap a bit later so it feels more like lunchtime when you feed him lunch and things will become more predictable for you again. There might be some days that are two nap days and some that are one nap days during the transition but I think once he is established on one nap things will feel easier! Its not too early for the transition - lots of babies do it at this age. Sure, its a little earlier than the 'average' but there is such a huge range of 'normal' when it comes to infant sleep and I dont want you to worry that there is anything wrong with this transition to one nap.