What is your most wanted feature?



  • Split screen. Soooooo incredibly unsafe to not be able to even at the very least HEAR the second child from camera not on view. Not sure why this technology and this price point this was not a feature to begin with…….

  • Split screen for safety. Since you can’t see both children on nanit as it is now, I’d say this should be top priority. It is completely unsafe that you cannot even get notifications for the camera not on view during the night. Unacceptable. Will be getting rid of nanit should this not be in the works and released before baby 2. My children will be close in age making the oldest still too young not to monitor.

  • Let us manually select if we want local streaming, or internet streaming. If my internet goes out at night, it switches to local, but constantly tries to switch back to internet.

    PIP support would be nice.

    The new macbooks support ipad apps...it would be nice to have the nanit on the macbook.

  • @rjessing @angie012 @BillSavage Google home integration/chromecast along with splitscreen are currently in the works! I do not have a specific date of release to share just yet - but I promise to update you all once I do. PIP is also on our product teams radar as well - I personally can't wait for picture in picture!

    @BillSavage I have heard the ability to support or access your live feed from your computer recently from a few nanit parents- I will be sure to pass this along to our product team so they are aware this is something many customers would find valuable.

  • NanitMackenzie
    NanitMackenzie Community Moderator, Nanit Team

    Nanit parents,

    First, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback here with us in our community.  We are excited about the new features and integrations coming your way in 2022.

    We know that some of the biggest enhancement requests from our customers are multi-child monitoring, google home integration, as well as picture in picture.

    We also know that the timing when to expect these features is important to you. Our product team plans to deliver multi-child monitoring and picture in picture this calendar year.  We are also hoping to release google home integration this year - but should have more information on timing in the next few months.

    In the meantime, Nanit will continue to prioritize safety, privacy and security above all other features and these do require a great deal of investment from the team.

  • The ability to change camera orientation. Can’t believe I’ve bought a camera that only works long ways on a crib 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Oh and faster playback of the motion detection. It’s slower than my computer from 1999.

  • One very basic feature that all your competitors offer is allowing a caregiver access to the monitor. Nanit charges $80/year, which is just absurd for such basic functionality.

  • Picture in Picture and HomeKit support after that please!!!

  • I have a few complaints / suggestions...

    1) when reviewing my insights, I'm CONSTANTLY having to use the report wrong event multiple times on a DAILY basis. My lil man is very much like me and tosses and turns. It seems like almost every time he even moves a little bit, I see an insight saying caregiver was helping him... when in fact I never even went to his room at all.. I've also had quite a few saying he was taken out of bed or put to bed when he absolutely wasn't.

    2) I've recently sent a request in about this, but the time frame options in which you set for their bed time and time they wake up are VERY limited. Not all children are on the same "normal" schedule.. not to get too in depth, but my son is very much a late night owl and sleeps in late (I have discussed this with 2 of his doctors, which BOTH have told me that for now at this stage its perfectly fine and normal).. but since the options are limited, I can't even set the accurate times for when he's going to bed OR when he wakes up. I feel like this is a huge judgmental oversight on Nanights' part. Yes I understand all kids should go to bed early and wake early, but given certain personal circumstances which I won't explain now, I feel like ALL hourly time frames should be available to choose from when setting both the bed time and awake time ranges. I mean thats an easy fix which I'm surprised is even an issue needing fixing. Why would you limited time frames for anything when not all children are created equal (sort of speak)?

    3) It would be AMAZING to either be able to stream music of our choice, OR at the very least give us more options. I mean the white noise is okay. I use a separate box for that. But the birds, wind, ocean being the ONLY other options is just not okay. Where's the soothing music or calming nice music? The birds terrify my kid! Lol

    4) I understand Nanit needs to make money wherever they can, however. Those of use PAYING for even the premium subscription should absolutely be getting way more than ONLY 2 DAYS of video history. And those paying more should get more than 7 days!

    5) the picture quality, especially when zooming in, is just horrible! And we have one of the best internet connections and speeds etc you can get at our home. It's so bad I can't even see when or if he is opening and closing his eyes most the time. And it's certainly not clear enough for me to check his body movements for breathing on my own through the camera.. for as expensive as the camera was, not to mention the subscription we should be getting a much much much clearer picture please!

    6) as for the sound and motion notifications/clips, there are many times where the clips are just too short and or they don't start quick enough. So many times I've wished I could rewind prior to when the clip started just a little bit or have it keep going to hear or see what I need to.

    7) I would really like to have a 2nd even mini camera that would be used to oversee him playing in his entire room or the living room etc, ESPECIALLY when we have to have a babysitter. Our crib camera is honestly very fickle when it comes to it staying upright in the perfect position, having to take that one on and off daily so I can watch him play outside the crib is way too inconvenient for us personally. And spending another $300+ for a 2nd one just seems outrageous. Please invent a more inexpensive mini "nanny cam" sort of speak that can be paired with the same app and settings etc.

    Thank you for listening/reading!

    All in all I really do LOVE our Nanit camera system, but there are definitely some issues I hope will get worked out, SOONER than later!


  • NanitMackenzie
    NanitMackenzie Community Moderator, Nanit Team

    Hi @RockEmMama - thank you for taking the time to share all of this feedback! I'm glad that you love your Nanit overall - and it's really helpful to hear more about how product enhancements would make your experience better. I've shared all of these recommendations with our product team. I did also want to follow up with some tips to help improve your experience in the meantime!

    1) If you haven't already, I'd recommend updating the sensitivity of your motion and sound notifications - you can find instructions here: https://support.nanit.com/hc/en-us/articles/235674188. It may also be possible be that there is motion detected in the parent pickup zone, which could be why you are receiving lots of Insight event notifications. Try to reposition the parent pickup zone or the crib position. You can read more here for more details: https://support.nanit.com/hc/en-us/articles/235605728-Crib-positioning-camera-placement.

    5) To get a clearer picture - you could try changing your bandwidth usage from Medium (the default) to High. This will increase your picture quality, but keep in mind that it will increase your bandwidth usage (note that If your video quality is set to "high", we suggest upload speeds of 1536 kbps and download speeds of 1000 kbps.). For details on the bandwidth usage settings, read the "check your bandwidth" section of this support article (just make sure you change it to "high," not "low" as the article mentions, if you want to increase picture quality). If you are having trouble at night specifically - it may be helpful to re-angle camera slightly so the IR lights can reflect better on baby (rather than on the side of the crib or another item within the frame that's creating excessive light/dark contrast).

    If those tips aren't helping or you have additional questions, feel free to reach out!

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