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  • Hi,

    My son recently started to sleep better at night. One of the main reasons were that we were able to narrow down the time that his “natural bed time” was, by looking at the night trends in the app.

    looking at the visual line with the visits, wake-ups and so on, made it extremely easy for us to spot what days it went well, and what days it went bad, and what time he was put to sleep. Also to see the progress for the stretches/time of his sleep.

    Currently we are only really battling with his naps. Sometimes it goes well. He falls asleep easily, and sleeps for 1.5-2.5 hours. But other times, getting him to nap takes forever.

    and we are having the same problem narrowing it down. Does he have a time during the day where he sleeps better? The time from he wakes up, and until he’s put back to sleep? And see if there’s a pattern.

    i can go through the days, and see the insights, but I cannot get a visual with the nap times, length of the naps and so on, like I can with the night trends.

    so.. when you are gathering the information in the app, and you already have the feature implemented for the night, wouldn’t it be possible to also show it for the day/nap time? It would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • I also switch the camera off and then have to remember to switch it back on - I wonder what do other people do?

    Ultimately I'd love to have integration with Google Assistant so I could set routines and automatically switch it off and on, but I see from a Q&A with @Tali that this may be some way off.

    @Carltb If anyone tells you the best way to handle this, please let me know. Thanks!

  • Apple TV app

    iOS picture in picture

    A useful API

  • Oh my god, this. When I turn the white noise on or off, I slowly scrub the volume up or down in small increments to avoid triggering my baby's startle reflex.

    I love the existence of the white noise feature. It's so convenient not to need a separate machine! The things that bug me are:

    1. No ability to slowly fade in/out audio on white noise.
    2. When white noise plays from the camera it drowns out baby's smaller noises in a way that a separate white noise machine doesn't. I'm sure the technology exists to filter white noise vs baby; not sure it's doable for Nanit with the hardware or not.
    3. Allow white noise to continue with microphone activated. I accidentally tapped the microphone the other day and it halted the white noise, jolting my baby awake. 🤦‍♀️
    4. Lack of audio options. The Nanit white noise recording loops audibly. Would be great to partner with an app like "White Noise" that allows the creation of audio mixes. (Brown noise + heartbeat is babe's fav off my phone)
  • I’d love to stream music from my phone to the Nanit so I can turn it off without going into the nursery.

  • Definitely want the ability for split screen to view both cameras at the same time! I had to buy a iPad Mini so I could have a second device on my nightstand to be able to monitor both cameras at night.

    Also a way to schedule the alert notifications. I don’t need alerts to go off all day long when the kids aren’t in bed.

  • Homekit support

    Siri Shortcuts

    AppleTV Application

    UX Improvements

    why do I need to navigate to the full screen camera view in order to enable/disable sounds?

    Public API

    If you don’t plan on adding HomeKit support, please expose a public API which we can use.

  • katiemlynch
    katiemlynch Unconfirmed, Member

    I’d like to be able to monitor my baby’s body temperature. Would be super helpful when they are sick—which is often.

  • Split screen for two cameras. Will have to switch cameras instead of buying a second if this doesn’t exist before second baby gets here.

  • Ability to set times you want white noise to auto start and stop like the hatch does

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