What is your most wanted feature?



  • Google Home. I'd love to be able to use my multiple Nest Hubs as monitors.

  • Divz
    Divz Member

    Desperately need a refresh button for the camera, just put baby to bed, but Nanit says bed was attended 5 hours ago…..

  • Would love a split screen feature so I could see and hear both my babies at once or at least a patrol view that flips from one camera to the other either every 10 secs, 20 sec, or 30 secs

  • Ability to connect to hotel or any open WiFi. We travel often and most times can’t use the Nanit bc of this. Even if you have to select a different option for this to happen would be nice!

  • Carltb
    Carltb Member
    edited August 2021

    I would like a snooze function. To turn off the camera when someone is playing in the room during daytime for example but not having to turn it off and then remember to turn it on again.

    If it doesn’t already exist but I haven’t found it?

  • #1 Absolutely need AppleTV, PIP, HomeKit support.

    Missing analytics on whos streaming currently, last login, etc.

    Ability to set time parameters around access and specific configs - for example, providing viewing access to nanny only during visiting hours, or limiting audio to certain accounts during certain hours.

  • It's been said before but worth mentioning again, having the ability to create users with access only during certain time frames or only if connected to the local wifi would be extremely valuable. Our workaround has been to take an unused device and let the guest/caretaker use that while they are here rather than allow them access on their personal device that would need to be constantly updated to ensure they don't have access when not at our house.

  • I am not sure if it’s been suggested because there are a lot of comments BUT I’d loooooove a split screen. I have two babies, each baby has a camera and having the ability to see both of them at the same time would be God sent as they’re in different rooms.

  • Please give us split screen / two camera simultaneous viewing!!!


    if i could only vote for one.

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