What is your most wanted feature?



  • lmoore
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    A push notification or sound when the breathing circle needs to be reset. There have been multiple times that I have woke up in the middle of the night and it says tap to reset. I have no idea how long it has been like that but if the app would have alerted me then I could have corrected it.

  • Recommend not connecting anything to do with your baby to an open network w/o a vpn

  • Lgrubbs22
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    edited August 2021
    1. Add time scales on the horizontal axis of the nighttime review, not just time asleep and awake times.
    2. Full use of features and insights from iPad. I’m confused as to why my iPad has limited use of the app while my tiny iPhone can use everything?
    3. Receive follow-up support and insight when breathing alarm goes off. The first time this happened I grabbed baby immediately and she woke up/seemed ok, but my anxiety that she had potentially stopped breathing was not. I was afraid to put her back down (like ever). I watched the video probably 35 times but couldn’t tell if the alarm went off because she actually wasn’t breathing or if it was a false alarm. I opted to give Nanit access to the video to improve their product, but would have been nice to have a follow-up!
  • elybella
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    Ideally the basic features of Huckleberry would be built in, with data auto-added but editable to account for Nanit's fallability. Having the manually check every time my babe slept and enter that into Huckleberry in order to get fairly straight-forward age-based wake window recommendations is such a bummer; better than nothing, but at this price point should be an integrated feature.

    Google / Nest hub integration so I can leave an "always on" monitor with my kiddos on it without dealing with my phone. The Echo Show has had this capability for years.

    Split screen — I need my kiddos' cameras visible together.

    Enable notifications about temperature & humidity only when baby is in the crib; getting notifications all day long is pointless.

    I also love the previous suggestions re: making it visible when a family member is viewing the camera, etc.

    1. A Windows or Windows Store App
    2. A Web view to watch with Chrome/Edge etc
    3. Integration with Google, so that a Google Nest Hub could be used as a baby monitor display

    The Windows app would allow me to have a small window open on my desktop and view the stream live.

    It would also fill a big void in the product line if people could use a Google Home Hub as a visual baby monitor.

  • Divz
    Divz Member

    Desperately need a refresh button for the camera, just put baby to bed, but Nanit says bed was attended 5 hours ago…..

  • Top requested features for me;

    homekit support

    appletv app

  • Apple Watch capabilities.

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