What is everyone doing when the little one grows out of all the sleepwear?

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My daughter will be 2, she is still in the sleeping bag size large. After that does the breathing monitor just stop?


  • Natalie_Barnett_PhD
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    The Nanit Breathing Band and Sleep Bag were designed to fit babies who are in the 99th percentile for chest circumference at age 2. If your baby has an average chest circumference, it should fit her for a while longer. Quite honestly, some parents find that the breathing band has a little more give than the sleeping bag, and so transitioning to the breathing band might give you even more time with the breathing motion monitoring feature if she outgrows the sleeping bag.

  • Ramona
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    I will be in the same boat! If we transition to the breathing band how do you keep them warm like the bag!

  • Turn the heat up 😆

    we’ve only used the bands on our 15mo triplets and never had an issue with them being to cold. We set the heat at 68degrees and they all seem comfortable

  • My son has never used a sleep sack. We transitioned from the Snoo swaddles to the crib, and I just use the breathing bands on him. The temp is around 70 and he sleeps in long sleeve cotton footie pajamas and always seems comfy!