Soother at Night Time - HELP!

My guy is 6 months - he uses a soother at night time. He has been sleeping through the night for the most part since about 4 months which is amazing, BUT husb and I are getting up multiple times a night to put his soother back in. He starts whining and if you don’t put it back in within a couple of minutes, he will wake up and he is not happy and hard to get back to sleep. He also won’t put it back in his mouth. He tries, but usually it isn’t in the right way and he cries. He only uses his soother for naps and night time sleep - he doesn’t care about it otherwise.

Any advice on how to help?


  • This was exactly me one week ago. My baby is 6 months today. We were getting up 10-11 times a night…so we just stopped. I know it sounds horrible but we did. Applied the Ferber method .. they cry and you can go in and soothe but never give the passie. Leave and then come back as many times as you need to but lengthen the time you are away each time. By night 5 she stopped asking for it all together and is sleeping with 0 wake ups. Might be worth a try.

  • Wow! Okay I will definitely give it a try. Super worth it at this point.

    so with the Ferber method - I know there are different periods of time you wait when they cry - are you able to pick them up or just touch them and use words to soothe?

  • Will
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    I follow and payed for takingcarababies but it's same method but most important thing mentioned is do not pick baby up, this is key.