How to make my 6 months baby soothe herself and get back to sleep without my intervention?

My baby Julia (6 months 17 days now) used to sleep through the night very easily without wailing up or crying since she was 4 months. The last past weeks she now wakes up several times, sometimes crying and will only settle if we soothe her or pick her up. How can we make her sleep again through the night and how can she learn to soothe herself without our intervention? Many thanks,

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  • The trick that did it for us was to make sure that our baby (now one year old) was falling asleep on her own and not being rocked or soothed to sleep at the beginning of naps and at bedtime. Being able to soothe themselves requires them to be able to fall asleep on their own, so this helped us a ton. Hope this helps!

  • Just want to clarify that babies cannot actually “self-soothe”, it is a myth. Babies who “sleep through the night” still wake up during the night, they just simply don’t cry/signal when they do. I recommend heysleepybaby on Instagram..her highlights are super helpful and actually realistic.