Restricted access based on a certain Time of the day



  • BrownCT
    BrownCT Member

    How is this not a feature?? We have multiple caretakers and it’s so inconvenient to try to manage their access. I am paying for the premium service this should be an option. Please please please get this feature out as soon as possible.

  • Breck
    Breck Member

    Any update on an ETA for this feature? This seems like a simple enhancement that has a lot of interest. Honestly, this would be my top reason to recommend against getting this monitor to my friends and family. It seems insane that this never came up in development… we love everything else about Nanit, but this is a MUST have

  • KimP
    KimP Member

    Agree 100% - would appreciate some quicker action on this. Its been over a year since this was first posted for a feature that seems like it should have already been thought of when they thought of adding a nanny / carer access option. If you have someone you need to give access every day but for obvious reasons want to keep your private life private in the evenings (e.g. when you go in to comfort child in your pyjamas at 2 am), then it just leaves the door open to forget to give access back in the morning.

    Can you please priortise this - think if you put some concerted effort into it, you could solve it pretty quickly. Many thanks in advance.

  • Hi all, this is an essential privacy feature for any parent who has an external care giver. I’m not always going to remember to turn it on and off after our nanny leaves. Can you tell us when this feature is expected to be ready?