Sleep regression

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My dgtr turned 16 months recently. Her sleep since making 1 year has been horrible! She use to sleep through the night and now wakes all the time!!! She either wakes bc she looks for us or her paci. Now it’s come to the point we have to sleep in the room on the floor bc she wakes so much. I hear this is a phase of babies in Leap 9 cycle which can be exhausting. Any tips from parents how they got through this phase or improved on sleep?


  • Natalie_Barnett_PhD
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    Candace, it sounds like she needs something to get herself back to sleep that she cant get on her own (ie, you or a paci!). One solution is to place several paces in one corner of the crib so that she knows she can always find one in that spot. Assuming she has no medical issues, at this age she should be capable of getting herself to sleep at the beginning of the night and then back to sleep when she wakes in the middle of the night. If she had something at the beginning of the night that is now not there (eg, mom's warm body!), it can be really frustrating for her to need that and not be able to get it for herself. If you can get her to fall asleep by herself at the beginning of the night it will mean that it will be much easier to get herself back to sleep when she wakes. This can take some time but I would love for you to try to have her fall asleep unassisted at the beginning of the night and very quickly she will get herself right back to sleep unassisted in the middle of the night when she wakes. Good luck!

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    Similar situation here. Mine went through waking up for me for couple of months when he was 8~10 months, thought it was teething, then it became a every night things and it got earlier every night! We tried milk, tried rocking him to sleep then lay him down, nothing works but spending the rest of the night with him!!

    It was sweet but it got to stop because he rolls and I would be restless worrying he might fall of the couch/bed.. my husband did some research and said leave him crying. It sounds and it is indeed horrible! Again, it's sweet to see that sweet face, so if you want to be cosleep, that's fine, but if you are not, maybe you can try this... Took couple of nights, and he went back to that sweet baby who slept through the night!

    Good luck!