2 Nanits?

I have a second baby on the way, due in September. I have a Nanit for my first son, should I invest in a second one or get a simpler monitor and swap them once baby comes? Thoughts?


  • Jane
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    I don't have first-hand experience as I'm a mum of one, but I wonder if the Nanit app can show two camera views on screen at the same time? I think that'd be a big one for me, whether I can watch them both at the same time (I tend to leave the camera on after baby's gone to bed/when I'm watching TV, until I go to sleep). Nanit's quite an investment for one, let alone two(!), but I personally wouldn't want to have to deal with multiple devices or apps.

  • ers1219
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    I feel like it depends on how old your oldest is? Still using the breathing wear, etc

  • 612Mama
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    My biggest gripe about Nanit is that you can’t see both monitors at the same time/on 1 screen. You have swap between 2 profiles. We still have a Nanit on our older 3yr old toddler but rarely need it as our house is pretty open concept so can hear anything happening and default to crib monitor on little sis

  • NanitMelanie
    NanitMelanie Nanit Team

    @HmongDad Great question and one that I've heard many times. To start, here is some additional information on monitoring multiple children with more than one Nanit camera.

    @612Mama I hear you! I can't speak to what's in the pipeline, but I can say that we receive this specific request a lot. It's 100% on our radar!

    We sell more and more cameras every day, and I see more parents with multiple cameras! I think a feature like this would be incredibly beneficial to Nanit users. I can make sure your request is included with the others we receive.

  • Kelly
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    I recently have my second baby girl, and I had my first nanit that I love, so I invested in my second, BUT! I’m not so happy because I have to have a second phone in orden to be able to see my son, because it doesn’t have the option to see my two baby at the same time, so if I switch cameras I won’t be able to see my other baby, and even before you switch cameras nanit tells you that all the funcionts to the first careta won’t be work, so my solution was to have one baby in my phone and the other baby in a old iPhone that I wasn’t using. What a big disappointment!😪

  • i_nanit_ions
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    Personally, I would totally invest in one more camera if I had another baby on the way. I would have our Echo show stream the other camera. If my wife and I are together we would just stream one to my phone and vise versa. I’m sure they will release this feature around November or December. People’s internet connection would need to come from fiber in order to have it work flawlessly. I would think.

  • sarahwills19
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    I have a 22 month old and a 9 month old and when my 9 month old was born I definitely got a second nanit. It’s so useful to have one per baby.

    however now they’re in the same room, so I have one camera set up for their room and one for their playroom and it’s even more helpful!

  • Honestly, I’m super disappointed in the ma it’s inability to monitor 2 babies/children at the same time or atleast scroll between the 2. I have a “cheap” very basic monitor that works significantly better than the nanit. I would NOT spend all this money on nanit for 2 kids!