My 6 months old baby won't sleep only at night.

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We having really hard time with my baby's night sleep.

..she is very gentle and almost not crying during a day except when she fall asleep

But she always fall asleep herself within 5 mins in her crib for day nap. And not crying when she awake from nap.

when baby is fuzzy and sleepy. We are bring her to bedroom and do our night routine. She is very happy until put her to baby crib. Here is our problem... she really dont want to fall asleep for night...

She start to crying when i put her to crib and leave her room, and she fall asleep within 10 mins at night though. But after 5-15mins, she awake..! Sometimes baby repeat this short sleep twice or third time. Baby is still fuzzy and sleepy but won't sleep.. just crying and crying. She crying when i stay behind of her crib or not. But she crying bigger when i check her and leave her crib. After this very short sleep, we cannot help her to asleep during 1-3hours........

we always had problem with her sleep... but it is hardest time.. i have no idea what is wrong and how can we help her. I dont want to cry her out. But i cannot do anything after her crying over an hour at night..

please any advice for us!

thank you :)


  • I recommend heysleepybaby on Instagram..her highlights are super helpful and actually realistic. Hopefully some of her tips will help you figure something out!