I feel like we are everything that’s wrong and failed in this miserably.

my 13months old is used to us holding him and rocking him to sleep. We tried putting him down a wake but that never worked and since we’re always in a rush for him to sleep to get back to our work or our sleep that we never had the patient to wait for him to fall sleep and never had the heart for him to cry to sleep. Lately he has been down with a cold and not only his bedtime changed from 7 to god knows when, he also wakes up multiple times in the middle of night and sometimes every in my arms it takes him at least 1.5hrs to sleep.

before he used to sleep all the way till morning without waking up.

I really need help. I can’t function anymore. My husband and I are also down with the cold and this is so frustrating.


  • Natalie_Barnett_PhD
    Natalie_Barnett_PhD Member, Nanit Team, Expert

    @Azi You are an amazing mom, please dont forget it! You have done nothing wrong! This is so hard!

    As I'm sure you know, what he needs to get to sleep at the beginning of the night will be what he needs to get back to sleep when he wakes during the night. Babies all wake up during the night but the ones who got themselves to sleep at the beginning of the night unassisted can get themselves back to sleep without being frustrated. Your little guy is frustrated because he doesnt have the thing he needed at the beginning of the night when he wakes up. He wants those nice warm arms!

    There are lots of ways to get him back on track and honestly, all sleep training methods will work as long as you are consistent. Choose a method thats right for you and give it a shot for a week.

    Alternatively, I offer private consultations if you wanted to DM me and we can set something up!

    ALL babies can learn how to sleep, hang in there!

    Natalie Barnett