White Noise and Light randomly turning off



  • @Melanie has there been any update on this issue? I understand that the camera can occasionally lose connection, but why does my baby need to know about it through flashing the lights? I don’t see any reason for this and frankly it’s highly irritating. Please build at least an option to disable this “feature”.

  • Any update on this? @Melanie My white noise keeps randomly turning off, and my daughter wakes up startled from the sound stopping or from me trying to put it back on slowly. I have it on continuous loop so I’m not sure what’s going on! But it is very frustrating when I finally have her asleep and then she awakes in no time!

  • jessxavier
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    @Melanie any update on the white noise fix?

  • Any update? The white noise has been cutting out almost every night and it’s waking up our son who JUST learned to sleep on his own! He’s good, but not that good.

  • Hi All - I've just spoken with our product team and they have identified the issue and it should be resolved next week. I will post back here when I have confirmation that it is resolved. Thank you for your patience and appreciate you reporting this here!

  • blumbr01
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    Same. White noise went out for us today. Any updates?

  • NanitMelanie
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    @jessxavier @blumbr01 Our team has identified the issue and is actively working on rolling out a fix - we are aiming for next week. I will update you all here once it has been resolved. Thank you for your patience!

  • vagrawal1986
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    Having same issue

  • We’re experiencing the same issue as well. Keen to know when it’s fixed as the sudden switch from white noise to silence is quite jarring for my baby and usually wakes her up.

  • @vagrawal1986 and @bremnerette our dev team has identified the issues and is actively working on a fix - I will be sure to update everyone here when it is rolled out. We understand this is of utmost importance to be fixed ASAP!