White Noise and Light randomly turning off



  • Add me to the list, we are experiencing the exact same problem with our son’s Nanit Pro. Meanwhile, our daughter’s Nanit Plus has been rock solid for 22 months.

  • We’re having the same issue! The nature sounds/white noise will stop randomly and startle our 5 month old. I’ve tried resetting our nanit (unplug for 5 mins) and uninstalling then reinstalling the app with no luck. has anyone found a solution to this? It’s brand new and too expensive to be having this type of issue.

  • Rae
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    Add me to the list. White noise just suddenly stops randomly. Was up several times last night with a startled baby in silence, and we're traveling today. Really, really annoyed. I feel like Nanit owes me the cost of our first day of this trip!

  • @SKACMAN @stephaniend @Rae Thank you for reporting that here! I've escalated this over to our support team so they can take a closer look at what is happening.

  • Ahuntzicker
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    Same thing happened to me tonight. Totally freaked out. There was not a straight answer. Was this hacking?

  • nanotechnology
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    I was told it happens when the camera is rebooting which they are working to fix in their next update. I guess it can also happen when the camera is trying to adjust to the room lighting.

  • NanitMelanie
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    Hi @Ahuntzicker Our team has identified an issue where the camera is rebooting itself. When the camera is turned off and the camera reboots due to this problem, the IR lights turn on. I know it can be extremely worrisome when this happens, but I can assure you that the camera is still off and this is not hacking.

  • @SKACMAN @stephaniend @Rae We have identified the issue that is causing the irregularities with the White Noise feature.  Our team is currently working on a fix.

    We will be sure to update the thread here as additional information becomes available. 

  • AlA
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    We are having the same issue. The white noise would just suddenly stop randomly and would wake our LO up prematurely.

    Please look into the issue and let us know of the fixes.

  • @Melanie - is there any news/progress regards the light issue?

    We’ve had our Nanit Pro since June but only started using it last week. Twice (that I’m aware of) the nightlight has seemingly turned itself off when the app has been open. Definitely didn’t press the button to turn it off.