White Noise and Light randomly turning off



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    Our team is still investigating the issue in regards to this but we, unfortunately, don't have any update as of this time. If the issue still persists, the best solution is to stop using the nature sounds/white noise feature until a fix has been deployed or try resetting your Nanit as some users have mentioned that this has resolved their issue.

    We appreciate your patience with this issue and we're sorry that this is taking longer than expected to be fixed. We'll be sure to update the community when we hear any new information or update.

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    Our white noise is also blasting to full volume randomly, we need this fixed!! If I don’t hear the increased white noise through my phone because I am sleeping, then this could be damaging my poor babies ears. We paid a lot of money for this product because as parents we want the SAFEST and most reliable product for our baby! This fix needs to be a priority as it continually happens when the nanit system glitches, which means it’s failing to provide monitoring for the breathing motion (under normal circumstances, no bad weather or internet connectivity issues).

  • Ericap
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    All of a sudden the white noise and all other nature sounds are super loud even when we turn the volume down all the way down on the app.

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    We have the nanit pro.

    I am using a Samsung S22 ultra and my wife has an iPhone 13. I di not know what app version we are on as I immediately reset the nanit and updated the app post issue.

    We use the white noise on low volume all night (approx 25% of max). We set the nanit at around 9am and went to sleep. At around 1am, we were suddenly awoken when the white noise jump to max volume. Neither of us had touched the app. The noise volume on my app (S22 android) was showing as at the minimum and I could not control the volume at all (only noise on / off). I reset the nanit and updated the app.

    The sudden and unexplained volume jump scared myself and my wife half to death. What is going on? We have lost confidence in the nanits ability to monitor our baby and are scared to use the white noise feature in case of a repeat. Please explain what caused this and why we should place our trust in this product again?

  • We also are having the white noise issue where it will randomly turn off and wake our baby. Super frustrating and annoying.

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    My nature sound randomly turned on today and now is at full blast! Deafening!!! I’ve tried resetting, deleting the app, unplugging. Seems I’m at a complete loss. Desperately want it fixed before bedtime 😭 can anyone help?

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    we are having issues with nature sounds. Randomly during the night the sound will go to its highest setting, then revert back to normal while waking everyone up. This is causing a lot of distress on our baby and is frustrating as this is a key function we made our purchasing decision on.

  • I can't believe this thread is over a YEAR old. Our baby's (uninterrupted) sleep is one of the most important elements of our lives as parents. Having the white noise randomly shut off, immediately waking our baby and causing her to scream... makes me want to scream. Almost as much as seeing this thread is over a year old a fix hasn't been implemented makes me want to scream. 😫

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    With all due respect there are forums with similar ‘we know the fault and are prioritising the fix’ from 18 months ago…

    is anything actually being done? This is an extremely expensive monitor - this type of bug isn’t really acceptable to be honest

  • I have been using Nanit for 2 years now and I have seen this issue as well. I can tell you that I believe the issue occurs when we have multiple devices with the app open at the same time. For example I have it open on my phone and my Ipad. I go to turn down the white noise, exit app and come back in and it’s max volume again. So I have to turn it down on the Ipad. This has happened simultaneously when my wife also has the app open, so we have 3 devices open. At this point I exit out of the app completely, open it up again and that device becomes the primary volume control again. After that, there is no issue again. I hope this may help some of you.