White Noise and Light randomly turning off


I had the nanit plus and it worked great. i switched over to the Pro when it came out and i feel like i been having constant issues. One with the recording being reduce to 7 days to 3 days as a free basic user.

Although, the main concern is that since the switch when I have the White noise activated and or the light after awhile it randomly turns off, and my baby will wake up from the sudden change of white noise to zero silence. is anyone else having this issue? and or have you figured out how to fix it? never had this issue with plus and no the noise and light are not on the timer it is con the continuous loop.


  • Boss
    Boss Member

    We tried the Light and white noise on the Nanit but decided against light then had issues with white noise cutting in and out.

    Our solution was the Hatch+ we have never had an issue with that unit. Mins you the Nanit functions should work flawlessly for the price but we figured it was better served as our breathing monitor and camera only. We did however find that the lowest setting of bandwidth along with 5GHZ channeling only on our Xfinity router did keep any issues at bay.

    Customer service is great and I’m sure some software patches are incoming but this is all just my two cents.

  • Melanie
    Melanie Nanit Team

    @Sharkkbaitt I'm going to submit your question as a ticket to our support team. This is not expected behavior and our support team would like to investigate further with you to resolve. You should be hearing from them soon!

  • Nozi93
    Nozi93 Member

    Having the same issue! Whitenoise is turning off randomly and the light all of a sudden blinks. My baby is used to having a whitenoise on whenever he sleeps. I am very unhappy with the device. It hasn’t been recording and has been acting up a lot lately. I had the camera only for 9 months

  • I’m also having the issue on two of our three cameras. It’s so much fun when the sound stops and the triplets wake up 🙄

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