Should I start my 4 month old on food? If so what should I start her with?

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Should I start my 4 month old on food? If so what should I start her with?


  • Hello Laylana, i started solids at 4 months and a half. The first time i gave my daughter solid food was a mashed avocado that i puréed with some of her milk. She really liked it.

  • Hi @Laylana I am planning a whole series of posts on introducing solids in the coming few weeks. However, in general there is good data to support milk as the sole source of nutrition for infants until about 6 months of age except in certain circumstances (for example, pediatricians may recommend early introduction of allergens to children who are high risk for food allergies).

  • Lilian’s suggestion of avocado puréed with a little breastmilk (or formula) is great! You can also do this with banana and sweet potato as well (also great first solid options). Iron fortified baby oatmeal is another good option. I actually subscribed to Yumi and they are great for introducing baby to a large variety of flavors (starting with single ingredient purées). Speak with your pediatrician and see what they have to say too :)

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    Avocado is a good idea to start with! Also, my recommendation is starting with the vegetables that aren’t super sweet and tasty. Ex: green beans, peas, beats, carrots.. I would stay away from the sweeter options right now else they will not ever want those options I said above. What would you choose, green beans or sweat potato’s? Lol but if you have never tried anything other then green beans, you will eat the green beans and most of the time, like it! This is all my experience obviously. Maybe doesn’t would work all children 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • I recommend taking the feeding littles course on baby led weaning if you want to blw. Otherwise you can start on baby cereal veg and fruit pures. Only a couple of spoonfuls a day for their bellies to get accustomed to it. I would give prunes to help them not get constipated.

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    No, you shouldn’t. Introduce food besides milk around 6 months of age

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    Babies have to learn how to be sitting with little to no assistance. And if baby girl can’t hold her self up she shouldn’t start solids, this could cause her not to digest correctly. I would speak to her pediatrician about it. It mostly recommended to start at 6 month since their stomach is more mature to intake solids. The purees have to be runny, and they can only be fed once a day, and the same food for the next 3 days to see if she has a reaction to the food. And it can only be 1 flavor.